Thing 23

As a technologically challenged person, 23 Things has been an adventure in learning for me. I learned the basics of using websites I had never even heard of. My favorites were Flickr, RSS feeds and much to my surprise, YouTube. The exercises I did not find especially useful were Technorati, Del.icio.us and podcasts. It's great that we were all given the opportunity and encouragement to participate. I liked the self-paced format a lot. Hooray! I'm finished!


Thing 22

I saw Project Gutenberg keeping classics alive,
Then downloaded two books from Overdrive.
I tried to copy Wayne Dyer to a CD,
But Windows Media Player would not agree,
So later, to copy a CD I will strive.


Thing 21

My little podcast has gone away,
And will not return another day.
I've tried to revive it about one times seven,
But, alas, it now resides in podcast heaven.


Thing 20

This is a little long, but Denver Public Library is promoting its Summer of Reading.


Thing 19

My pick from the Web 2.0 awards list is Zillow, which is a guide to residential real estate. Homes can be searched by address, street,neighborhood, zip code, or city and state. For the first time homebuyer there is information on affordability, financing, and the home buying process. Zillow says that they do the leg work by gathering publicly available data and using their proprietary formula to create a Zestimate of the market value of homes. There are currently about 51 million homes in their database. It looks fairly easy to list a home for sale on Zillow. After reading the discussions and blog, I think Zillow is marketing themselves to real estate professionals, but I would still recommend the site to library customers as a good resource to use in the process of buying or selling a home.


Thing 18

Google Docs is a tool that I will very likely be recommending to customers who use the public computers to create and edit documents such as school assignments and resumes. They can set up an account with Google and save their work online instead of to a floppy disc or thumb drive. Google Docs appears to have all the standard word processing features, but also allows documents to be published as web pages or posted to a blog. By using the sharing feature, documents can be edited by multiple users. I shared this with my Yahoo account and found it there ready to be edited. I'm also posting this to my blog. The spreadsheet feature looks good, although I didn't try it. I read that Google Presentations will be coming out soon.


Thing 17

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The Maryland Sandbox wiki was fun,

Of blogs there was almost a ton,

So I added mine,

Which seemed to go fine,

And to "my favorite things" I added one.